From individuals to organizations, our heart is to help people flourish.

Professional Counseling

We offer professional counseling services for kids, teens, adults and couples. All of our staff counselors share a common set of beliefs about counseling.

Fees for professional counseling:
Interns - $35 per session
Provisionally Licensed Counselors (PLPC) - $85 per session
Licensed Counselors (LPC) - $115 per session


Coaching is different from professional counseling as it is often centered around current goals or transitions. It tends to be shorter term, and is not about processing trauma or making sense of identity.

It is about having a qualified coach to walk with you for a time as you navigate a transition, work toward a specific goal like “growing closer to God” or work to make a specific decision. Coaching is offered on a sliding scale basis.


We offer groups as we have enough participants. If you are interested in a group, register via intake and we will launch a group when we have enough participants.

Making Sense of Your Worth: Several of our counselors are certified facilitators of Making Sense of your Worth.

It is an 8 week group that takes participants through a curriculum of learning what self worth is and how to unsubscribe from lies we believe about ourselves and replace them with truth, thus growing our self worth.

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Organizational Health

Our organizational health team works to help organizations and teams flourish. Some examples of help we offer are:

  • Team Development of core values and playbook
  • Team Mediation
  • Care training for lay leaders
  • Power Dynamics in Care for lay leaders
  • Mandated Reporter Training for lay leaders
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